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This year we decided to enrich our events portfolio and organize the first Business conference at AUBG. The conference will take place on the 9 th of March, 2019 in the “Dr. Carl Djerassi” theatre in the AUBG campus, Blagoevgrad. We will have on our stage 10 international experts from different business spheres such as marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship that are going to deliver speeches on their professional growth paths, job peculiarities, and current trends in their scope of work.


Angel georgiev

Angel has 10+ years experience as a technical trainer and product presenter. He has conducted 100+ people trainings in Europe, USA and Middle East. For the past 5 years he is part of the Software Engineering education in Bulgaria. He led the 20+ people training team behind the expansion of Software University in 2015-2017. Currently he is developing the internal training and staff development program of Musala Soft. He also coordinates the development of the Applied Programmer school curriculum and training materials for the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria and teaches juniors aged 6-18 about technologies and programming
Angel: “Training and education is my passion. I feel alive when I help other people learn and eventually become better than me at any particular field. I gained my skills as regional and national training manager for multinational consumer electronic companies and software educational organizations. My experience in marketing and education in various programming languages and technologies creates an unique mixture.”

Alexander Balabanov

“I finished my education in the United Kingdom and gained extensive experience in the corporate world as a marketing manager and business analyst and consultant. 4 years ago I established my own consulting company and have been a trainer, author and keynote speaker ever since; I now lead workshops, seminars and trainings in English and in Bulgarian in companies, non-profit organizations and universities in Bulgaria and abroad. In addition, I am a mentor of students and work intensively with young people in different European countries within the framework of different programs of the European Commission.”

Bilyana vacheva

She is an AUBG Alumna (Class of 2012, Business Administration and Political Science), who, after a few years of exploring different jobs, became a Product Manager in the fast-growing start-up Coherent Labs, operating in the game development industry. Since then, she has led two highly technical products, one of which is LensVR. Last year Bilyana became the Professional Services Director of the company.

Boyan moskov

Boyan Moskov is the founder of Interactive Orb, a digital marketing agency. With his team, he has worked with hundreds of online stores and personal development coaches from Bulgaria and abroad. His team manages an advertising budget of more than 1 million. He is also successfully developing his online marketing academy and teaching DIgital Marketing in the Masters degree program of VUZF – one of the leading business universities in Bulgaria. Boyan’s latest project is called ConvertBuilder – SaaS which helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build high converting sales funnels in minutes without the need of designers and developers.

Evgeni Yordanov

A digital marketing and business intelligence expert, a PhD candidate 🎓, and a public speaker. He is currently the head of an international digital agency called Adamanta Digital. Furthermore, he is a professor at Digital PRO – Професионална бизнес програма по дигитален маркетинг and IBS, and throughout the years a lecturer at Telerik Academy and some of Bulgaria’s top universities. His projects are well-known in the Bulgarian IT & online marketing community, such as the “Marketing & Webmastery” – the biggest digital marketing and web development professional Bulgarian Facebook group, which won the best professional Facebook group award in 2012.

Marting grigorov

He is the CEO and co-founder of Seven Bulls. But, this is not the first company he has established. He has been developing mobile games since 2010. In 2014 he created a marketing strategy which produced more than 30 Million downloads for his games at that time.Thanks to this really impressive marketing strategy, his team learned a lot for the mobile gaming market and how to position a game in a successful way. His company’s latest game is a mobile multiplayer first-person shooter with more than 8 million active players(with more than 15 thousand new players each day). According to him, what he does is a passion more than it is a job. His aim is to always seek innovative methods to get to know the market and what the users want.

ingrid pope

She is an ICF-accredited executive coach! After a 16-year career in corporate IT and a lifelong interest in organizing space, she now runs her own coaching practice Creating Space Coaching, which focuses on de-cluttering all aspects of her clients’ lives. She works with leaders who wish to make an impactful start in a new role, helping them to keep a clear vision and focus on a set of priorities and also runs talks and workshops on reducing the clutter, the busyness and the noise in order to improve decision-making and effectiveness .

Margarita kolcheva

A solution focused coach and organizational consultant with experience in long-term leadership programs, assessment & development centers, and development of HR business processes and personal/team improvement. A corporate trainer with over 500 hours of training and more than 30 companies. She is also one of the leading consultants in bringing the most advanced coaching methodology: Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics, Canada (CLI) in Bulgaria, as their first certified Executive Coach.

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